11 steps to achieving orgasm

Are having trouble climaxing. They rarely experience an orgasm, or never experience one at all. : Feel Ashamed! Many women feel sort of embarrassed because it takes some...

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Understanding Masturbation Addiction

Understanding Masturbation Addiction Addiction is caused by two brain chemicals, Dopamine and endorphins. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps you experience...

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Ladies, who is responsible for your orgasm?

It’s not up to a man to give you an orgasm, you have to learn how to do it yourself: it is your own responsibility. : if you didn’t know as a  female ,that...

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Sexual Healing & Awakening

Sexual Healing offers a way to dissolve shame and guilt around sexuality and to embrace the body and its natural ways of feeling pleasure and joy. It is a way to develop...

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Sperm Allergy

Sperm allergy can also be called semen allergy or seminal plasma hypersensitivity, is a rare allergic reaction to proteins found in a man’s semen. It mostly affects...

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Painful Intercourse

Painful intercourse Ideally, sexual intercourse is a pleasurable encounter between two people. But for many women, sex can be painful and unpleasant. It can lead to...

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Loose Vagina

When it comes to the vagina, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Some people, for example, believe that vaginas can lose their elasticity and become loose...

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Premature Ejaculation- causes

Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction, but acts as the least treated for one reason: “embarrassment.” Fortunately, P.E. can be prevented...

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Over Masturbation

How Can I Tell if I am Addicted to Masturbation? Whenever you behave compulsively that are destructive to yourselves, you are doing it so out of addiction. If you...

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Self Love

“You have got to learn to love yourself! No self pity!”Is what a friend once said to me at a time when my self-esteem was getting low.  So up I got, dusted myself...

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