How to kiss a man

Be Bold! Kissing a guy should be bold and not frightened.

Flirt – playfully look at his lips and then gaze at him. Let him know you are comfortable with and want him in your space.

Start soft and slow – if you’re comfortable, make the first move-men like to surrender control too. Soft kissing will build up tension, to try glue your lips to his lips before committing to a full kiss, or even lightly running your tongue over his lips.

Change it up – move from soft and slow to more urgent and passionate. Men don’t necessarily know what women want, and like them to be a bit aggressive and show them. Don’t get stuck on the same move for too long and just show him what you like.

Kiss Erogenous Zones– erogenous zone are area of the body that trigger a sexual response. In men, there are area include the inner thighs, nipples, ears and abs. Build tension by triggering this response while specifically avoiding his penis.

Use your tongue – if he is receptive,go in for the classic French kiss. While your lips are locked gently runs your tongue over his lips and then into his mouth. Massage his tongue with yours, making sure both tongue are always in motion. You can also try sucking or pulling on his lower lips, or moving up to playfully nibble on his ear lobes. Some men find it enjoyable.



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