Yesterday I posted a solo training technique to improving your
sexual stamina. This, as you learned, is something you do while
you’re by yourself and not having sex with your partner.

Today we’re going to cover another solo training technique. It
should be completed when you have half an hour to spare, during
which time you won’t be disturbed.

Let’s dive straight into this technique. You should try to
perform this whole thing in the shower, because it can be a tad
messy. Plus, any noise that’s created is masked by the sound of
the falling water. It’s just nicer, to be honest – warm and convenient.

It’s also a time that is scheduled in your daily life. So if you have a shower every morning, you can use this technique during it, at the same time every other day. This helps you to avoid forgetting to perform the technique.

Start by jumping in the shower, or stepping in, depending on your preference. Fire it up – get lots of very warm eater cascading all over you. This will get your blood rushing through your system, which is good for the next step. Start to massage your penis (surely you saw this coming).

Use whatever technique you prefer for getting yourself up, but
try to do it fairly quickly. Okay, you’re now going to blast it.
Get a massive amount of lube in the palm of your right hand. Step forwards, so you’re not under the stream of the shower.

Now grasp your penis using your dominant, lubed up hand and blast it. Jerk it hard and fast, focussing on the head of your penis. Really whack the hell out of it.

It sounds ridiculous, but it works, so what the hell.

Keep going crazy on it. Tighten and tense your legs to increase
the stimulation and sensations even more.

You want to get damn close to coming in as short a space of time as humanly possible. You should be able to do it in less than 60 seconds. But as it’s your first time, don’t worry too much about the clock.

As soon as you feel yourself approaching the point of no return,around the 9 mark on the scale, instantly stop jerking it.

Now, if you struggle to get this close to the edge in under a
minute or two, you should try doing the technique out of the
shower, while lying on your bed. This way, you’re able to really stretch out your legs, which we all know will help you approach ejaculation quickly.

The point of this exercise is the following. The first solo
training technique you learned involved slowly building up the
sensation and stimulation until you were on the edge, then
backing off, then slowly building it again.

This technique is like a light-speed version of that. You
literally go crazy on your penis in the shortest amount of time
possible, until you’re just about to come.

This technique ‘teaches’ your penis self-control in a different,but equally effective way to the first solo technique. It’s put through its paces in a really short space of time, just like when you have sex. You usually come too quickly. But during this technique, you have much more control.

You stimulate becoming completely aroused too quickly, then
totally back off. You’re doing what you can’t really do when
actually having sex – unless your partner is extremely
understanding and not easily fazed.

You can repeat this technique a few more times before finishing
your shower and getting out. Even better, you can use this
technique, then use the first solo technique you were taught yesterday.
Now we’re talking – this is pure serious sexual stamina training.

GET STARTED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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