Anorgasmia –
There are many kinds of female sexual dysfunction. Among the most common ones is the inability or failure of women to achieve orgasm. Today’s women who suffer from this problem no longer have to bear their frustrating, depressing and unfulfilling sex life.

Anorgasmia is the inability of a woman to orgasm even with enough stimulation. It is classified into two forms 1.Primary – Is when the woman has never experienced orgasm in her life.
2. Secondary or Situational- is when she was able to have orgasms consistently in the past but is no longer able to achieve climax.
3. Situational refers to women who can only orgasm in certain situations but not in others.

Anorgasmia – Causes
1. lack of sexual education

2. lack of experience

3. guilt due to religious beliefs

4. history of sexual abuse

5. high levels of stress or anxiety, etc.

6. Medical conditions

Anorgasmia – Treatment
Treatment usually begins by determining the root cause of the problem.

Researchers suggest that the most common cause of anorgasmia involves psychological factors like relationship problems, sexual abuse in the past and high levels of stress. Thus, the most common treatment involves counseling which addresses the main issues causing the problem.
In some cases, medical issues like disease or illness caused the problem. This is usually when the inorgasmia is secondary. The usual treatment for such cases involves treating the disease or illness in order to normalize body function and allow the patient to achieve orgasms again.
Usually, treatment for anorgasmic women involves some kind of sex therapy with their partner. It starts with some form of sexual education for the couple including mechanisms of sexual arousal in women.
Couple’s exercises will also be assigned. Directed masturbation is also part of the therapy wherein the woman is educated on how to bring herself to orgasm. In many cases of primary anorgasmia, the woman just lacks knowledge on how to bring herself to orgasm.

O-shot : PRP therapy is also a good option.

In summary
Remember that women are different and the way they achieve orgasm also differs. Some women are just unable to achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse. For these women, they need clitoris stimulation. However, there are also those that can easily orgasm with sexual intercourse and don’t get much satisfaction from clitoris stimulation. You need to find out what works for you and share it with your partner.



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