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Q: After 13 years of marriage, I still very much love my husband. But I don’t feel as much desire as I’d like to.

A: Low libido is both a common and complex issue. Hormones can wreak havoc in lots of ways. Birth control pills are known for decreasing testosterone and therefore diminishing sex drive at any age, even well into your 40s as do low thyroid function and the hormone swings that are hallmarks of per-menopause and full-blown menopause.” If these aren’t issues for you, then it’s probably those old standby passion derailers when there’s no particular problem: stress and worry.
But there are terrific natural aphrodisiacs that can help. Such as Asparagus, Maca and Damiana, which can be found in libido booster for him ad her. “Take 2 tabs after dinner and give your husband a shot.”
You’ll be saying yes in no time.



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