wunmiomololuHello Dr Wunmi, I watched you over the weekend on wazobia TV and I must confess, I loved your teaching and the ways you explained sexual issues. You good! Keep it up! My question is that I get weak erections from time to time these day. What could be the possible cause and how can I prevent or cure it?
A: Weak erections serve as warning signs of worse problems ahead. Think of a weak erection as an early indicator of developing severe impotence. Men who suffer from weak erections can still gain an erection; they just cannot hold it for long. Men with impotence, however, see no sign of life down south. The penis remains permanently limp. For men with common weak erection problems, typical symptoms may include:
1. Semi-hard erections
2. Flaccid erections during sex
3. Excessive pre-cum followed by weakened erections
4. Bruising to the penile tissue that may lead to a weak erection

Weak erections are due to one of four reasons:
1. Because of penile injury that inhibits blood flow
2. Because of insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues.
3. Because penile tissues cannot maintain blood.
4. Because blood flow exits out of the veins unexpectedly.
The cause for each of these problems varies from drugs and old age to improper diet and excessive masturbation.
Cure: would be to identify your possible cause and then treat with the appropriate Remedy.



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