some of the benefits of saying yes to prostate pleasure:

• Increases blood flow and circulation of oxygen to your pelvic area.
• Helps flush out the toxins building up in your prostate, hereby cleansing your prostate.
• Decreases the risk of impotence.
• Prevents the buildup of semen in the prostate gland.
• Allows you to experience not just multiple orgasms, but also a dry orgasm where you don’t have to ejaculate to achieve the big O.

How to manually achieve prostate orgasm, here’s what you can do:

• With trimmed nails, put a glove on your hand.
• Make sure that your working hand has proper lubrication, so it could get inside easily.
• Slowly slide your finger into your anus until you are able to locate the prostate.
• Once you hit your target, move your finger back and forth until you are able to orgasm.
• You can also slowly squeeze the prostate gland in downward motion.



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