Check the Nuts…..Testicular Cancer Awareness

Testicular Cancer Risk Factors

The cause of testicular cancer is unknown, but there are several known risk factors:

1. Family history of testicular tumors
2. History of an undescended testicle or a late-descending testicle
3. History of mumps and later shrinking of the testicles
4. Injury to the scrotum
5. Ethnicity: More common in white than Black

Young men should examine themselves once a month. More frequent exams actually may result in missing a slowly changing lump.

How to conduct a testicular self-exam

1. Support each testicle with one hand and examine it with the other.

2. Gently roll each testicle between the thumb and fingers. Testicles should feel firm and smooth, about the consistency of a hard-boiled egg without the shell.

3. The epididymis is a ropelike structure attached to the back of the testis. This structure is not an abnormal lump
Feel for firm masses, lumps, or nodules in the testicle. In cancer, these lumps are usually painless.

4. Become familiar with normal size, shape, and weight of each testicle and epididymis. This will help you recognize a change from one self-examination to the next, if a change should occur.

April is the month of testicular cancer. Check the nuts monthly and if you notice any changes like lump, bump, color change, pain , etc please go and see your doctor…..this isn’t time to drink all sorts of herbs for it. Take charge of your health…

Health is wealth 😁



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