This technique, like the last one, is used while having sex with your partner. Unlike the last technique, however, you can’t really use it secretly, without your partner knowing. If you did, it’d look quite strange.

Here’s how it works. You’ve learned solo training techniques one and two. Solo technique #1 involved slowly building your sexual stimulation while masturbating, to go from just under a 7 to just under a 9 – or stop just before you come.

This edging technique, as you learned, can be used to build up a resistance to extreme sexual stimulation. In other words, it
allows you to easily refrain from coming, even when you’re pretty high on the stimulation scale.

The natural progression from solo technique one is to use it
cooperatively, while with your partner. So, a week or so after
using solo technique #1 a good few times, begin sex with your

You should have already discussed that you’re going to try edging during this sexual encounter and she should be happy and
enthusiastic about the idea.

After foreplay, enter your partner in the position you know
creates the smallest amount of sexual stimulation for you. You
should know which position this is from when you performed co-op technique #’1.

Now slowly build your way up to 7 on the stimulation scale. Be
careful-it’s easy to jump right past 7 and pass the point of no
return when using the edging technique in ‘live’ conditions.

Once you’re at or just beyond 7, and therefore fairly close to
coming, slow down or withdraw from your partner, wait a moment,
then build it back up once more. Keep going just as you do it
when performing edging by yourself.

After a while, you can switch to the next least intense sexual
position and start the edging process once more. Of course, your partner doesn’t have to just lie there and let you beaver away throughout all of this. You can still kiss her, talk to her, tease her, etc.

In other words, done right, this co-op technique is awesome for
your partner, even though it’s serving a productive purpose for

Keep going through sexual positions, edging throughout each one. If you come after a while, don’t worry about it. You’ve made good progress. Next time, you’ll be able to go even further.

At this point you can do one of two things. You can finish the
sexual encounter by making your partner come (probably manually
or orally) or you can finish by using the co-op version of solo
technique #2. This is great.

You get into your least intense sex position and go crazy, pound the hell out of her. She’ll love it. Don’t be surprised when you feel yourself soar up the stimulation scale in matter of just a few seconds. That’s okay and to be expected.

Just as you’d do when performing the second solo technique, when you hit a 7 or 8, slow right down or totally withdraw from your partner. When you’re lower on the scale, go at it crazy style once more. You can go ahead and come after doing this 4 or 5 times.

You won’t believe how effective this co-op technique is when used in conjunction with the two solo techniques. After just three or four sexual encounters, during which you’ve used this technique, you’ll notice that you can last twice or even three times as long as you used to, before you used any of these techniques.



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