Delayed ejaculation is also known as retarded ejaculation. It is when a man experiences persistent delay or absence of orgasm and ejaculation, despite adequate sexual stimulation, erection and desire to orgasm. Often a man can still orgasm when masturbating or with oral stimulation, just not with penetrative sex.

1. Emotional, psychological or relationship problems: * Often intimacy issues, anger or resentment may be involved.
* Absence of sexual thoughts/fantasies while sexual active
* Anxiety/Trying to hard for build up to orgasm to not drop off
* Arousal difficulties with the partner.

2.  Organic Causes are: * Spinal cord or neurological injury
* Major pelvic cancer surgery
* Diabetes Mellitus
* Age related penile hypoanaestesia
* Intracavernous self injection

3. Side Effects of some medications: * SSRI anti-depressants
* Anti-psychotic medication
4.  Idiosyncratic Masturbatory Style
* Desensitisation of the penis through habituation:

Idiosyncratic Masturbatory Style is when a man is used to rubbing his penis against rough surfaces while masturbation, which has desensitised his penis.

1) modification of antidepressant or change of antidepressant
2) sex therapy / counseling
3) vibrator stimulation of the penis or via the rectum. This is mostly done for men who want a baby and who are unable to ejaculate.



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