Erectile dysfunction isn’t only treated with a little blue pill. In fact, there are several modifiable factors—like weight, alcohol intake, and physical activity—that can help improve erectile function, too, according to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

5 modifiable factors that can improve a guy’s erections without a prescription:

Maintaining a healthy BMI may help your guy get his mojo back. Men who are obese have much lower testosterone levels, “which obviously plays a major part in sexual function. For that reason, he first suggests men change their diets and lose weight when they are having erectile issues.

If you notice your man’s morning wood has gone Nil, it might be because of his sleep patterns. “When I see a patient with ED, I ask his partner if he snores. If they say yes, Get him evaluated for sleep apnea. This is because sleep apnea will interrupt your sleep cycle, affecting the normal cycles of erections that happen during the night. Of course, sleep deprivation affects sex drive as well so Make him get enough sleep each night.

You know that fit women have much better sex, but the same is true for guys. “A few weeks ago a patient told me that when he goes to the gym regularly, his sex drive is much better and if he stops, it goes down. Of course, physical activity is a great way to lose weight and decrease obesity, but it also helps a guy feel better about himself, making him feel even more confident with his clothes off. Plus, a great sweat session will boost his testosterone, which can help rev up his desire.

You might want to skip the latest comfort food joint. Lowering cholesterol can help increase a man’s testosterone levels, so diet is crucial when it comes to sexual function. Plus, high sugar levels in men with diabetes can affection the function of the nerves in his penis. In these cases, simply losing weight can help with sugar control and get the signals to these nerves going again.

Alcohol Intake
Surprisingly, a little alcohol can actually help men with ED. One to two drinks a day decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems—a major cause of ED. However, don’t let him go overboard. Animal studies have shown that high volumes of alcohol caused the penis to contract, which is the opposite of what should be going on during sexual arousal (but, you knew that already). “Alcohol is a suppressant, and the suppression of the central nervous system will cause a decrease in sensitivity to sexual cues.




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