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Do you know that premature ejaculation can kill your self confidence and destroy your relationship?

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Dear Friend,

If you have been suffering from the constant humiliation of premature ejaculation, then this is the most important letter you will ever read.

Before I go on, let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Wunmi Omololu, I am an expert sexologist, with several years of training at the PFU Moscow.

Let me tell you a short story.

Couple of months ago my best friend, Goke, confided in me telling me how embarrassed and pathetic he felt when the girl he has been longing to be with forever suddenly said goodbye just because he could not last long enough in bed. It was not the first time this had happened, he said, but it was fast becoming a big problem as practically every girl he took to bed never called him again.

The Making of History

As I consoled him, I suddenly remembered a project I was working on and needed a Guenia pig for, okay I admit I was probably being insensitive thinking that way at such a time - Whatever, I had a project to complete!

So after what seemed to be a reasonable interval, I explained my latest project to Goke, and asked him if he would like to be the 'experimental guy' in my quest for the best way for men to overcome premature ejaculation and last 20 minutes or longer in bed.

Of Course He Agreed ;-)

So over the next few weeks I went into an extensive research in which I gathered as much information I possibly could on how to overcome he menace called premature ejaculation. I got him to try different stuff - from pills, to creams, to condoms, to sprays, to pelvic exercise until after a month when I asked him to choose from the list which he felt most comfortable with and I noted his feedback.

The Birth of Ejaculation Mastery...

I suggested that he sticks solely to my recommended all natural remedy for the next 3 days so we can monitor how he progresses. At 2 am the following morning, I got a call from a very excited Goke couldn't wait until morning to give me full details of how he had just given his new girlfriend the thrill of her life and how she reached multiple orgasms before his first ejaculation. Then he suddenly cut me off to go for a second round.

As I hung up, I thought to myself, "Wow, there are probably many more men out there struggling with premature ejaculation, and this would definitely put an end to their torture forever".

Introducing Ejaculation Mastery!
The simple guide to overcoming
premature ejaculation in natural easy way.

According to a survey which was conducted for both sexes, a conclusion was reached that the average man ejaculates in less than 2 minutes after insertion. On the contrary, the average woman needs at least 8-10 minutes of continuous stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Of course, many women need an even longer period of stimulation during intercourse in order to climax. Considering these facts, it’s certainly no surprise that premature ejaculation is virtually every woman’s number one complaint when it comes to intercourse. Having the ability to last is truly the most important aspect of a healthy and mutually-fulfilling sexual relationship. So even if you think you’re doing okay by lasting 5 minutes or so during sex, chances are that it’s still not enough to satisfy her completely.

In this guide I would reveal:

The Real Reasons For Premature Ejaculation - Learn the truth about performance anxiety, and triggers that cause premature ejaculation.

A Step By Step way To Stop Your Premature Ejaculation Problems Forever - Once you try the simple techniques explained in this easy to understand plan you will overcome your PE problems with ease and they will never return.

The Role Of Hormones In Ejaculation - Discover how to control the two hormones that contribute to ejaculation.

The way Arousal Works - Understanding how arousal works is a key factor in controlling the level of your arousal and how to slow it down to avoid premature ejaculation.

How To Control Arousal Just By Relaxation - If you could just 'relax' you wouldn't be so anxious, right? But it's HOW to really relax that vexes you. Learn how right here.

How To Focus On HER Needs - Learning to focus on your partners needs takes the pressure off of you to 'finish.' Find the secrets to fulfilling her needs here.

The Simple Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Love Muscle - Learn these easy to do exercises and you'll never have to worry about not been able to rise to the occasion ever again.

The Foods That Increases Libido - Discover the easy to find foods that will increase your libido and cause you to last longer while having sex.

How To Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms - The simple but deadly technique that will make your partner has mind blowing orgasms before you do.

Sex Positions To Avoid - Learn which sex positions will always cause a man to ejaculate early so you will know how to avoid them.

How To Recognize And Control Your Ejaculation Triggers - Find out how to recognize your ejaculation trigger points so you can avoid them.

Why Foreplay Can Be A Bad Idea - Foreplay is an integral part of sex but if you're suffering from premature ejaculation it could be greatly affecting your sex life.



Dear Wunmi,
Thank you for your refreshing manual. It really helped my husband and I revive our marriage. After suffering many long years of unsatisfied sex life, I came across your book and I showed it to my husband. We read it together and mastered it and instantly saw the difference. It is ejaculation mastery indeed. Now we've got our sex life back on track. Smiles…
Bukola, Lagos

Studies have shows that one of the major reason why women cheat is because of their husband's inability to satisfy their sexual desires. I have heard too many women refer to their partners as “Mr one minute”, while the men in their lives hardly want to talk about their sexual challenges.

Are You At Risk?

Your patterns dissatisfaction with your sex life and premature ejaculation problems could expose your relationship to many complications including:

-Extramarital affairs

-Raising other kids as yours

-Less intimacy and love

-HIV and STD

-Less communication and sharing.


Don't add to the statistics figure, take action and control of your ejaculation now.


"Thank God We Are Not Married" she said to me!
I wanted a taste of Tola before marriage, with a few months to go, I begged her to go to bed with me, initially she disagreed but later agreed when my pleading was too much.

The first time was a nightmare! I didn’t even get to penetrate her before I came. I was shocked and to make it worse, she said "is this all you've got". Menh! I was ashamed, so we left the hotel that night. She agreed to try again and we did three more times, with the same outcome. Four months before the wedding, she couldn't take it anymore and she called off the wedding. I was sad and wanted to fight for the relationship, but was clueless about what to do.

Then I came across your book and I devoured every page. With new level of confidence I approached Tola and asked her for 'Goodbye Sex'. She was reluctant but agreed. By the time we were done, 'Goodbye Sex' became 'Let's get married tomorrow sex'. We however got married four months later as planned.

Thanks Wunmi.
Kola A.

Don't Waste One More Minute Living With Premature Ejaculation.

If you order Ejaculation Mastery today I would throw in 3 special bonuses just to sweeten the deal.

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Bonus #1: Quick Solutions For Lasting Longer Tonight
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The main Ejaculation mastery guide will show you how to conquer your PE problems forever...but it does take some time and practice to master it fully. If you are looking for a rapid fix that you can use tonight that will have you lasting up to 30 minutes longer then this is the guide you need. These are simple tried and tested techniques that will allow you to increase your sexual endurance greatly. Have fun watching your partners face as she is amazed by your new found longevity!

Bonus #2: Sex Foods & Stimulants

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Learn how to improve your sexual health starting today without any harmful side effects. This special report will reawaken the teenage sexual beast within you! You can find out exactly what foods you should be eating to improve your health and sex life. Include some of these foods in to your diet and you will see a big difference in your sex drive.

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We are not done yet!


To further sweeten the deal
30 Days Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee! 

I have no doubt that the Ejaculation mastery can help you like it has helped many others around the world, but I understand you may still have some doubts. So I am taking up all the risk.

Try out the Ejaculation mastery techniques for a full 30 days and if you are not satisfied with the results, I'll give you a 100% refund. No stories, no questions asked. I would even send you an apology letter for wasting your time.

It's time to make that life changing decision!

By now I know you'll be wondering how much this life changing information would cost you. With the quality of information I would be dishing out in this manual and bonuses worth over 50,000 Naira, I feel a price tag of 60,000 Naira would just be sufficient. But because I want to reach as many people as possible with this information I would give out this manual and bonuses for an all time low price of 4,500 Naira. This price stands only until I come back to my senses and jack it back up to the regular price of 60k.


Ordering Instruction

Pay 4,500 Naira Only into the following bank account:

Fidelity Bank : His and Hers Health Plus



Omololu Olawunmi Abimbola

Then send me an email (wunmi@wunmiomololu.com) or text (08135065825) with your payment details. I would send you the manual plus bonuses to your inbox immediately after confirming of payment.

The Choice is CLEAR! The Choice Is YOURS! And YOURS Alone! Now It’s Simply Your Turn To Act Fast....

Wunmi Omololu,

P.S: If you want to last longer in bed, this really is the quickest, easiest and safest way to learn how to have sex for longer. With no pills, no sprays and no lotions you can learn to PERMANENTLY increase the time it takes you to ejaculate. So that no matter how hot she is, you'll be able to go the distance!

P.P.S: My special offer cannot last forever, I am looking to increasing the price AND removing the one on one consultation any time this week! I simply cannot keep giving away high-eproducts that I am selling for over 60,000naira and upwards elsewhere, it's not fair on our other customers!

Order now to make sure you get our best deal with the bonuses!

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