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Love and sex are magic. Joyful. Love and sex are the best there is, aren’t they? It’s all true. But, did you know there is also a lot of sorrow and suffering between the sheets? Many disappointments, a great deal of shame, a sense of missing out and… a lot of ignorance.

Those are the facts:

* Having trouble climaxing- Many women rarely experience an orgasm, or never experience one at all.
* Shame- Many women feel sort of embarrassed because it takes some time to get them in the right mood.
* Loss of lust- Many, many women are having little or no interest in sex. Women of all shapes and sizes carry this question around in their heads: How can I get into the mood more often?

The solution for all those problems is not:

* Wear some seductive underwear
* Apply a little fancy make-up
* Watching porn
* Light a couple of candles
* Take a new lover
* Forcing yourself 
into the mood

These things will only be of help for a short time.

The solution is learning how to become orgasmic with my sex coaching.

my sex coaching is a multi-dimensional coaching that is individualize and the coaching will bring you two great things:

1. high levels of enjoyment in your sex life
2. more energy (yes, sex can be a deep well of energy and you can literally improve your health while making love).
How desire, arousal and pleasure actually work

To reach orgasm, you need a better understanding of your own body and how it works. You need new instructions and lessons about how desire, arousal and pleasure actually work.

Nobody taught you these lessons. Your mother hasn’t. She couldn’t, because she didn’t know them either. In my coaching class I’ll tell you all about those small and big secrets.
All women ought to know about this.

Embracing this wisdom, you will become more aware of just how erogenous your body can be. Women who have problems achieving an orgasm discover something completely new. It will make your relationship with your partner enjoyable again. You can overcome fatigue and burn-out.

So do not not delay, take action now to book a coaching session with me.

Be In Light
Wunmi Omololu



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