The first thing you want to do when attempting to treat and cure premature ejaculation is to start with your diet.

Cutting out caffeine, sugar, and all refined carbohydrates will
give you a great new lease on your health, but you can increase
the veracity of your sexual endurance with some ‘super sex foods’ that are rich in the nutrients and proteins which make your body perform at peak perfection.

Fish, oils and nuts, are essential to a healthy diet, and stamina and endurance. The benefits of all three foods are a good source of protein, as well as other minerals and nutrients that offer you a healthy heart, and a healthy and strong libido. Start incorporating these three essential foods into your diet today, and notice a change in your sexual prowess tonight.

Eating right, and staying fit and healthy are tantamount to
maintaining a strong physical body.

Your body must be strong to fight off any physical problems that can cause health issues, even psychological health issues.

The fact is, if you’re body is weak, your psyche becomes weak.

You get caught in a cycle of having a body that is weakening the mind, and a mind that has become to weak to make you make the body strong again. Unfortunately this will only feed your anxiety.



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