So a lot of guys have been writing in and asking if I could share some free tips on how to delay orgasm, overcome P.E. and last longer so they can give their lovers more satisfaction in bed.

And so I want to share a powerful tip of mine right now.

It involves the PC muscle.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it – the PC muscle is most easily identified as the muscle used to stop the urine flow when urinating. And it’s located between the anus and genitals.

Well, it turns out that this PC muscle plays a key role in hard-ons.

And if you contract your PC muscle you’ll notice that your manhood moves a little bit.

Well not only does this muscle cause it to move it also promotes blood flow as well.

Now, this can be a very valuable thing when trying to get hard – but it’s actually COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE when it comes to delaying your climax and lasting longer.

So herein lies the tip I want to share with you…

Once you’re fully hard and making love and you notice yourself approaching orgasm, make a conscious effort to RELAX the PC muscle.

See, what happens as you approach orgasm is that the PC muscle will begin to contract to promote blood flow to your manhood.

This is an UNCONSCIOUS process, meaning that to prevent it from happening and to help yourself last longer you have to CONSCIOUSLY relax the muscle.

Give this a try the next time you make love…

Become aware of your PC muscle and what it does during love-making. And when you feel the urge to contract it, instead make an effort to relax the muscle.

Doing this is a great technique for helping you to last longer.

Now, this is only one of the many different techniques – some of which are WAY more advanced than what I have the time to share in this post.

If you’d like to discover more techniques, techniques that will help you to last 30 minutes or longer then come read this

Advanced Ways To Last Over 30 Minutes In Bed



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