It might surprise you to know that one of the #1 email problems I get from WOMEN is…

“My man can’t stay during sex, what should I do?”

Here’s one from this morning…

Dear Wunmi,

Why dont you give information about what if during sex his penis becomes soft….how to proceed then?

how to have sex with soft penis or work it to getting harder again… especially if person has performance anxiety and cant hold erection for long.

As you can see in this example, most women in a relationship with a man who can’t stay hard have a lot of sympathy. This woman even asks if there are good methods for having sex with a soft penis.

Women want to help you. They wish it didn’t cause you emotional stress.And, of course,they wish that you could make love to them with a hard cock.

The sad truth is that men who can’t keep their erection during sex is an EPIDEMIC right now, and it’s not just men who are suffering from it… the women suffer too.

It makes them feel unattractive, and it makes them feel awkward
because of course they are disappointed, but they don’t want to show their disappointment because they know that will only make it worse.

One of the main issues here is the rise of internet porn.

Neuro-scientists from the University of Texas have shown in actual brain scans that viewing too much porn results in permanent
“anatomical and pathological” changes to the brain.

Bottom line: Long-term exposure to porn causes erection problems.

It’s no wonder women are frustrated.
But these issues are in the brain, and they can be FIXED IN THE BRAIN too.

If getting or keeping your penis hard during sex is something you’re struggling with… here’s something that has helped thousands of men overcome ED and achieve vein-bulging,long-lasting erections,naturally.

This is a simple, step-by-step training program , that will let you get hard on command

It’s based on real science and it’s working like crazy for thousands of men who struggled and felt defeated by this problem.

There’s no reason to keep living with embarrassment.



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