I was talking with a female friend recently and she confided in me that while she is very happy with the man in her life, and he is, in fact, quite good in the sack, she wishes that his penis was just a little bit bigger…

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this from women, and if you’re a man who has some insecurities in this area, I fully understand that hearing this little story is not exactly doing you any good…

It’s a funny thing with this particular issue. Men are particularly sensitive to it. If I mentioned a woman that wished her boyfriend had bigger muscles, the skinny guys would not all be tossed into a state of insecurity. And I gotta tell you:More women complain to me about their man’s physical shape, his emotional availability, his ability to receive love, and many, many other things than ever complain to me about your size…

HOWEVER… yep, it does feel good for many women to have the
experience of “being filled up”.

Fortunately for you, no matter whether you are average or well
below average, there are things you can do to give her that
feeling during intercourse.

Whether you are a man who is eager to give his woman this experience, or if you are a woman who wishes her man were just a bit better endowed, you will love these techniques.

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