Guide to Female Orgasm Difficulty

Sex only served to encourage many men to buy into such myths. Some men refuse, or have given up on trying, to give their partner an orgasm because it is obvious that she has resigned herself to passivity over the matter.

You Know Your Body Best.
If men can orgasm, so can women. If your partner is going to ‘cum’, shouldn’t you, too? Though it’s quite important for sexual gratification, a large percentage of women are embarrassed over the idea of getting to know their bodies. Some of these women have a negative predisposition about touching themselves and masturbation and refuse to even discuss the practice. It’s a curious issue. However, ‘getting to know’ your body doesn’t necessarily mean masturbation.

There are many different ways and purposes to explore your body. If you are looking to improve your sex-life and want to be more orgasmic, then self-exploration pretty much has to happen. You are going to need to learn whether your sexual organs are still functioning properly and if so, if they can induce pleasure. If you are uptight about masturbation, simply think of it in necessary medical terms. Besides, you wouldn’t want to leave it to your doctor to see if you can be turned on (well, maybe you would…). You need to do it yourself. See how it makes you feel and see how your body chemistry responds. If you feel a change then you know everything is still in working order, and can be put to the test want your doctor to see if you can be turned on. You need to do it yourself. See how it makes you feel and see how you body chemistry responds.

Causes of Orgasm Difficulty

Women can have trouble achieving an orgasm for a number of reasons, including:

Clitoral Insensitivity
Over-stimulation of the clitoris by sexual devices…

Low or absent sexual desire
Inability to initiate or maintain arousal despite a desire to have sex…

Menstrual Cramps
Hormonal imbalance is often the cause behind menstrual pain…

Intercourse Pain
causes of sexual pains can become more serious resulting it vaginal abrasions and other extremely painful…

Vaginal Damage

Pleasure from foreplay or penile penetration is lessened due to vaginal damages or abrasions…

Painful Bladder
Whether is the persistent burning or irritation or a frequent need to go to the bathroom, severe bladder problems interrupt sexual activity and seriously…

Common side effects includes vaginal dryness, abrasion, and lower desire…

Orgasm difficulty occurs in women of all ages but may become more prevalent during hormonally vulnerable times, such as the postpartum or menopausal transitions, or during a major illness, such as cancer.

Natural Solutions & Lifestyle Changes

Although sexual problems associated with female orgasm difficulty are multifaceted, they’re also treatable. Treatment involves addressing the underlying medical or hormonal condition contributing to the orgasm difficulty. Many natural herbal formula have known to increase prostaglandins production, relaxing vaginal and uterine muscles and cervical and clitoral tissues through the balance hormones and rejuvenation.



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