How To Know If Your Woman Is Ready For Penetration….Arousal Stage

It is very easy to know when a man is excited but how to know when a woman is?

Are there signs?

Everyone knows that a man is always ready for sex, but the woman needs to be stimulated to enter the sexual environment.

Funny enough when the opportunity presents itself and a woman is really excited, men do not realise the signs and miss their opportunity.

But not only men do not realize, women are often not aware of their body, which can lead to difficulties in identifying and realize the the changes they present during sexual arousal.

That is why I will tell you the body reaction that a woman emits when she is aroused.

1. Tingling: One of the clearest signs a woman can feel when she is getting aroused is the tickling sensation in her genital area. this occurs because there is a greater concentration of blood that accumulates in the vagina at that time.

2. Temperature: When a woman gets aroused body temperature tends to increase. she begins to feel more heat , which causes her to fell a sensation that her body emanates warm air.

3. Lubrication : This is undoubtedly the first sign of excitement. the vagina begins to produce more flow, preparing for penetration.

4. Nipple : Breast are very sensitive to arousal and when a woman is aroused the nipple harden and become erect.

5. Her Smell : At the moment of the arousal, the woman emits a different smell. These are the famous pheromones that emanate a characteristic smell, stimulating during the process of arousal.



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