leaky penis is the random release of either seminal fluids or urine that dribbles out of the urethra(narrow tube that conducts urine from bladder and semen from ejaculatory duct). It’s an unfortunate condition, unsightly and unsanitary. But men don’t have to be degrade to it. it can be treated.

Leaky penis is seminal leakage which occurs when excessive amounts of pre-cum exudes involuntary before an ejaculation. While pre-cum is essential in preparing for an ejaculation, too much creates some unwanted side effects, including soft erections, premature ejaculations and urinary problems. Most leaky penis problems develop over years. The problem is often attributed to excessive masturbation, but other known causes have been noted as well.

Seminal leakage tends to occur alongside premature ejaculations and weak erections.

• Excessive masturbation before puberty leads to sexual Exhaustion and a leaky penis
• Psychological problems
• Drug and/or alcohol abuse
• Long term smoking
• Arteriosclerosis ( hardening and narrowing of arteries)
• STD sexually transmitted disease
• High blood pressure
• Hormonal imbalances – such as low levels of thyroid hormone

Symptoms Related to a Leaky Penis
• Chronic Tiredness
• Nervousness
• Uncontrollable ejaculation with lots of precum
• Wet Dream
• Urine Leaking

If you experience any of this symptoms, please consult your Urologist.



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