National Orgasm Day

It’s national orgasm day, Are you cumming!!!! 

An orgasm, also known as a climax, is a moment of sudden, intense sexual pleasure. Pulse rate and blood pressure increases, and spasms in pelvic muscles cause contractions of the lower vagina in females, and in the urethra in males. Males also ejaculate semen. For most women, the clitoris may also need to be stimulated in order for orgasm to be achieved during intercourse. In general, it is more difficult for women to reach orgasm, and some women have never experienced an orgasm. Female orgasms are usually longer in duration than male orgasms, though. Females can also stay aroused longer, and while they can have successive orgasms, males must wait longer between having orgasms. Male orgasms also generally occur quicker. Orgasms are followed by the relaxation of sexual tension and muscles.

Orgasms are an experience of the body and mind, and they have many benefits. They release the pleasure hormone oxytocin from the brain. Also known as the “love hormone,” it encourages human bonding. It—and thus orgasms—relieve stress and tension, and help with relaxation.

Orgasms release endorphins that may have a sedative effect, helping to stop insomnia. The oxytocin and endorphins that are released help to ease pain—from arthritis, surgery, and other ailments. Stimulation in the brain is brought by orgasms, as there is an increase in blood flow to them. Some studies suggest that steady orgasms may even help you live longer.



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