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You do NOT have to settle for a non-existent or unsatisfying sex life.

Would you like to feel more turned on, energized and desirable?
Do you want a fulfilling love partnership that is fun, and a sex life that is exciting?
Are you looking for ways to get your partner to support you in getting everything you want?

Do you want your libido working again??

if you answered YES to any of those questions, I am here to tell you. . . You CAN!

I am a sex and intimacy coach who work with individuals of all orientations and couples to help you embrace and express your Authentic Sexuality.

Why Use a Sex Coach?

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it.” That’s why we all sometimes need a coach, or mentor . Someone who has our highest good always in sight. Someone who sees and believes in our capacity for pleasure, joy and fulfillment. Someone who has had to walk their own talk to enjoy a sensually gratified life and can guide us.

That someone is me. I will cut away the past, and start from today to discover your pleasure currents, and support you in finding what will light you up. I mirror back to you what is working, and I amplify that together. I clear away the wreckage of past hurts and anger, and teach you new communication skills. I want your work to feel like play and your play to feel like ecstasy.

What’s Different About Pleasure Evolution?

I am a sex coach who can work with you as individuals or as a team to best support your personal journey. My combined energies and expertise allows me to customize a program that fits your needs. In addition to verbal sessions, I may utilize other modalities such as breath work, body work, role play and hands-on bodywork and technique training to help you achieve your goals as an erotic being.

Coaching for Women

Perhaps you’ve gone astray, lost sight of your passion, lost connection to your pleasure current. It’s easy for women, wives, mothers, workers, entrepreneurs, to put everything else first. Then one day you wake up and wonder why none of your successes have filled you up. You may be experiencing a loss of libido or low sex drive. Perhaps you are even repelled by your long-term partner. Sure, you love him, but the sexual sparks are gone. I can help you increase female libido naturally.

Now is your time to Get Gratified. The answer is not female viagra or some other drug claiming to increase female libido. Through a systematic examination of the factors in your life that have been blocking your access to arousal, and a supportive exploration of your unique turn-ons, you can restore your sex drive. As your intimacy coach, I can help you reconnect you to your body, your self- esteem and your desire.

Coaching for Men

Are you having issues with lack of erection, or loss of sexual confidence? Perhaps you are having trouble expressing your needs in the relationship, or find yourself wondering why your partner seems uninterested in sex. As your sex coach, I can help you understand women, and learn techniques to make you a superior lover, no matter your age or experience.

Why would couples use a Sex and Intimacy Coach

I can help you get a derailed sex life back on track, or take an already hot bedroom and make it even steamier, by helping you incorporate new lifestyle choices. I help partners express to each other the desires they may have held back for fear of rejection. Through sex counseling, you will learn how to negotiate, so that you both feel seen, heard and honored.

When you are gratified, and experiencing the full pleasure available to you, you are more productive, abundant and self-actualized.

I am eager to work with people who want to lead their most fulfilled lives. If you are ready to commit to yourself and your passion and pleasure, I want to hear from you.

Start your sensual adventure today!

To schedule your Gratified Life Discovery Session. Call me on 08135065825 where we will discuss what you want more of, and how I can help you get it. please write to me ( ) to schedule a custom appointment.



I see clients from Monday to Friday. The first session of the day is at 10.30am, the last at 6.00pm. Other days may be possible by special arrangement for clients visiting from out of town. Sessions last for 90 minutes.

A single session for couples is 50,000 naira and for single is 30,000 naira. Couples, I prefer that you book in for a double session initially, where I see each of you for 50 minutes, then 40 minutes together. I find this is a very powerful and effective way to start. This initial double session for clients is 80,000 naira.

Weekend session (Saturday) is an additional 8,000 naira.

please call or text : 08135065825 or send an email to

Note: Appointments can be canceled 24 hours before the appointed date with 💯 % refund but less than 24hours cancellation would be 50% refund.

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