Orgasmic Meditation- Helps to bond with your spouse

Wherever a couple is working to improve the communication and intimacy in their relationship, a wonderful practice is orgasmic meditation (OM), which is a mindfulness practice that you do with another person—yes, there is touching involved—that combines power of meditation with the human experience of orgasm. OM can really be helpful if a man is having issues with erectile function or a woman is having vaginal discomfort or loss of pleasurable sensation. It also helps a couple develop better communication when it comes to sex.

In OM, you create an environment of incredible intimacy and open communication with your partner. OM is a sexual activity but not sex or penetration. OM can help partners learn to communicate sexual needs and also remove the “performance” criteria from intimacy. If a woman has “turned off sex” due to vaginal pain and other issues, this can reintroduce pleasure back into what may have been painful.

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