Over Masturbation

How Can I Tell if I am Addicted to Masturbation?

Whenever you behave compulsively that are destructive to yourselves, you are doing it so out of addiction. If you can’t control the urge to have sex or masturbation, it’s a matter of time the symptoms of exhaustion will appear.


How are you? I have a problem, I used to masturbate since I was 13 years of age. I used to do it twice a day in the beginning and then reduced the frequency as the years passed. Now still i masturbate but once or twice a week.

Due to over masturbation I am suffering from the following symptoms: penis is soft, never have morning erections, I never get more than 5 hours of sleep, my penis has curved to the left, I ejaculate very quickly, always tired, pain all over the body, blurry vision, eye floaters, headaches, memory loss, penis pain, leaking, depression and anxiety.

Can I satisfy my partner with a crooked penis? I am afraid. What should be the normal ejaculation time? I want a really hard and fully erect penis, please help.




Over-masturbation can truly leave its mark. As humans, we have two appetites: one physical (food), and one sexual (orgasms!). These appetites are as different as night and day: one involves genitals, the other involves forks; one causes us to belch out loud, the other causes us to cry out the name of God. Interestingly enough, they both involve whipped cream on occasion. But despite the many differences between these two appetites, they can both lead to our undoing if indulged in excess.



For instance, what happens if you eat junk food three times a day? First you start to gain a little weight in the midsection, then before long you become sluggish. Your face breaks out in acne, your cholesterol goes through the roof, and you may even develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease. It’s an ugly cycle. Well, your sexual appetite works much in the same way. When you masturbate constantly, the symptoms manifest slowly. At first you may just notice a bit of soreness on the tip of your penis, followed by fatigue, followed by softer erections, followed by headaches, followed by penis shrinkage…you see where I’m going with this.


Confused? Yeah, maybe I should phrase it a bit differently. Just remember that many of the same hormones and chemicals that regulate your genitals are also essential for promoting healthy sleep, clear vision, brain function, mood, memory and energy. If you waste all of those chemicals to your penis, it’s kind of like allocating all of our nation’s funds to public libraries. We’ll have plenty of books to read, but nobody to do other stuff. 




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