1. Myth: A man must have an erection to enjoy sexual play. Fact: An erection isn’t required for foreplay and the process of arousing the woman and turning her on...

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It is quite natural for the human body to emit odors. Vaginal odor is no exception, and it can be expected even from a normal, healthy vagina. However, pungent, foul...

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Sex during pregnancy and after Childbirth.

Sex During Pregnancy Sex is a healthy part of a loving relationship for couples. For most women, yes, sex is safe during pregnancy. But there are few things you need to...

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we at his & here Health+ believe that a healthy sexuality is essential to good relationships and general well-being. Founded by leading sex coach,sex therapist and a...

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Question Of The Day

What Do You Expect Him to Say If You Got Your Period In The Middle of Sex? 1) He would suggest moving things to the shower 2) He would say it’s okay let continue...

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Services We Offer

His and Hers Health+ Offers Varieties oOf services: • Information about safer sex, birth control, reproductive health and general sex education •Sexual health...

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1. Myth : the orgasms last for hours Truth: the idea is not to achieve 8 hours long orgasm, but to be able to build up sexual tension and end in a powerful ecstatic...

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Yoni massage workshop Learn how to give a Yoni massage to your beloved…. Enrich your love relationship with even more love, pleasure, passion, attraction and personal...

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Post-coital Bleeding : I bleed a little bit after sex. Should I be worried?

I bleed a little bit after sex. Should I be worried? Bleeding after sex can happen due to several reasons. If you’re a virgin, bleeding may happen because the...

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Do I Look Normal Down There?

Lots of women often ask if they are ‘normal down there’ —are their labia too big, too small, crooked, or different? We women do not understand the large...

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