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My name is Wunmi Omololu a medical Doctor and renowned Sex coach and Educator from Nigeria. I've been successfully helping men with their sexual lives for quite a few years now.

If I may, I would like to begin by saying that you should not at all feel bad for wanting to enlarge your penis and having solid hardcore erection.


well, don't worry I got the simple solution for you to give you HARD ROCK erection and YES you can also add 10 to 20% in length and girth.


I'm going to reveal to you how you can inexpensively put an end to this embarrassing condition without surgery or taking any substances that would have adverse effect on your system.


The good news is that you can enlarge your penis in a safe and effective way, no matter how large or small you currently are. Bottom line is that your penis size doesn’t just affect your sex life.

It also affects everything else because of an utter lack of confidence. It can affect your career, your relationship with your family and friends, and especially your intimacy with your wife or girlfriend. It’s not as though the size of your penis is the only thing that makes you who you are.

But it is a huge consideration, especially if you do not enjoy a fulfilling sex life and live in fear of your wife or girlfriend leaving you or cheating on you.


Before I tell you about this procedure, let me tell you about the benefits of this game changer.


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  • Natural increase your penis size within weeks

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What Men Are Worried About
Over the years, there are certain topics that come up over and over again when it comes to men, sex, and their penis. 

The following are the 6most common issues, questions or concerns:

  1. Penis size

  2. Concerns with being able to last during vaginal sex

  3. Issues with getting and sustaining erections

  4. Am I as good in bed as her previous partner or boyfriend?

  5. Is she faking her orgasms?

  6. Does she think I am good in bed?

Some Scary Statistics

During my extensive research, I came across some interesting information about the penis and sex.

* The average size of the erect penis is roughly 6 inches.

* 72% of women say that they would like their partner to have a larger penis.

* 5.7 out of 10 long term relationships that end in a break-up report that sexual issues were a major part of the relationship failing.

*Most men last roughly 3 minutes during sex before ejaculating.
*Nearly 45% of women fake their orgasm on a regular basis during vaginal sex.

*Over 50% of men have poor blood circulation to the penis.

*Roughly 50% of all men have curvature of the penis.

Now, I'm not a mind reader, but a quick glance at those numbers doesn't paint a pretty picture. In fact, it makes things look miserable if you ask me. Sex for men and women is supposed to be enjoyable not endurable. The sad truth is that it doesn't seem like most men and women are content with their sex lives.

It also seems that the 6 most common concerns that men have about sex and their penis is validated with solid statistics.
Unfortunately, statistics don't lie. I wish they did. Because they don't lie, I knew it was going to be difficult to find an overall A+ product that I would feel comfortable suggesting to all men.


Let me let the cat out of the bag. “The game changer” , I have been talking about is simply called PRIAPUS SHOT also known as the P-Shot)

Priapus shot has been proven around the world to help men get back their sexual life by enhancing the strength and girth of their penis.


The Priapus Shot® ( P-Shot) is a procedure designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate,the after-effects of surgery, side effects from medication and other conditions such as diabetes, hypertension etc.


Priapus Shot is safe and has been proven to help Men around the world.


Take a look below to see what some men noticed over a period of 12 weeks.

  • They began to notice that their flaccid penis felt and looked longer and thicker, and their erections seemed harder and fuller.

  • The flaccid and erect penis both were thicker and longer.

  • Men noticed that they could keep an erection longer, also allowing them to last longer during sex.


The confidence that you gain from following The Priapus Shot will translate into all areas of your life. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have a great size down there and also knowing that you are able to give her complete pleasure in the bedroom. You will use this confidence to become the man that you know that you can become. You will truly rock her world, and you will look like a real man.

I don't care if you are 25, 35,45 or 60years of age, This procedure will help you add extra inches to your penis without side effect and You will be amazed at how well it really works.

If you are ready to make a change and want to fulfill your maximum penis size, and drive her absolutely wild in bed, THEN THE PRIAPUS SHOT IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

Will This Program Actually Work For Me?

The P-shot is time tested and proven time and time again, for thousands of men.

I also know that it takes effort to increase your penis size. If you just ignore this note or act like it a scam, you will be in the same position you are in right now.

However, if you take a bold step towards booking your P-shot immediately, I absolutely know you will find not only your penis size larger, but you will also find that your abilities during sex will sky rocket! You will not only last longer during sex, you will become an amazing lover that will be able to satisfy any woman in bed. And your penis will be larger! Not a bad deal if you ask me.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and add those much needed inches to your penis and become the man she has always wanted, then this is 100% a game changer for you.

You can't afford to waste anymore of your time listening to 95% of the men out there who have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to increasing your penis size. You need to make a change today and book a session that can yield lasting results. I have seen too much garbage out there. I truly believe in this product. I know it can help men just like you gain not only penis size but gain confidence in yourself and in the bedroom.


And guess what I'm offering you this life changing procedure for ONLY 150k for limited time. ( pre-procedure consultation +pump+post procedure followup)



So, Here Worth Every Kobo The Cost And Why It's




Pre Procedure Consultation

Priapus Shot ( P-Shot)

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TOTAL VALUE =N=335,000


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I know times are tough for everyone, and your money is tight. Every single buck you earn needs to be spent cautiously. However, you are going to spend the 150k anyway, and on something that most likely will not benefit you as much as this procedure. You will spend that money on a couple dinners and a movie or drink beer with the guys. These items and events will always be available, and you can do any of them whenever you want. This special offer is for a limited time only and you need to act right now.

The choice is clear and the choice is yours...

You can continue to:

  • Be haunted by your penis size and lack of skills in the bedroom.

  • Have restless nights constantly worrying if you are normal, good enough, or as good as her previous partners.

  • Have days filled with stress and anxiety wondering why you can't perform better in bed and why your penis size is not good enough for your partner.

  • Research solutions all over the web and in the pharmacy trying to find that miracle cure for increasing your penis size only to be disappointed time and time again.

Or you can choose to take action by taking this P-shot and:


  • Rid yourself of all your penis size and sex issues today.

  • Take control of your penis size, sex life, and well being today.

  • Be confident that you are the best lover she has ever had.

  • Last longer during sex, with harder, longer, stronger, and thicker erections.

  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are pleasing her the way she deserves to be pleased every time you make love.

This is a one-time investment in yourself, your penis length, and your love life. This guide will save you shame, embarrassment, anxiety, time, and future hassle. It is a great decision.


30 Days Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee! 

Book for P-shot and receive it. If, at anytime in the next 30 days, you decide that you're not completely satisfied with the result... If you feel that this pshot was not worth every last penny, then simply email me at wunmi@wunmiomololu.com and say that you're not satisfied and you'll receive a 100% refund.

That's right! Any time in the next 30 days, if you feel that the P-shot doesn't deliver everything that is promised, then you'll get a full refund. No questions asked, and no questionnaires to fill out. Just say you're not satisfied...PERIOD!

It will cost you nothing!




This guarantee was designed for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical -- Not the 1% who'll take advantage of the offer. But more importantly...

Now You Have Absolutely No Risk!

Booking Instructions:

Call or Whatsapp: +2348135065825


Send an email : Wunmi@wunmiomololu.com




PS: Reviews are available for your perusal. I haven't put up on contact information for peoples reviews due to PRIVACY .



Be in light

Wunmi Omololu