Q: He wants to use the back door. Can that cause GI problems?

Whenever a patient asks me this question (and yep, I’ve heard even this one before), I say this: Anal sex usually isn’t a problem. But there are some potential concerns you need to be aware of before green-lighting this request. Because the anal sphincter is tight and there is less lubrication in the anus (it doesn’t produce the natural lubrication your vagina does), anal intercourse can cause tiny abrasions, or tears, in the anus. Also, stool bacteria are present so there’s a chance those abrasions and tears may become infected. My advice: Use lots and lots of lube. Plus, if this is a newer partner, don’t forget the condom. Though you won’t get pregnant this way, STDs can be transmitted through anal sex. Also, empty your bowels beforehand. And have your partner wash his penis before going from anal to vaginal sex and vice versa.



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