Do you know that premature ejaculation can kill your self confidence and destroy your  relationship?

Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets For Lasting 20 Minutes Or Longer In Bed? It's Time For You To Put An End To The Embarrassment Of Premature Ejaculation Forever!

Join Me On A One Day Seminar

Saturday,19th October


At Last You Can Now Confidently Take Your Woman Home Knowing You Can Satisfy Her, Or Finally Fix that Relationship So You Do Not Loose Your Woman To Another  Man.

Dear Friend,

 This time, I truly spilled my guts! For the first time in my career, I revealed everything you need to know on how to last longer in bed. Including, all special "natural ways" that your doctors do not disclose to you. even a chance to learn how your body works in arousal state.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Wunmi Omololu, an expert sex educator with several years of training at PFU Moscow Russia. I am a founder of Abim's health organization which is dedicated to helping couples build stronger relationships, improve their sex lives and also achieve a heightened level of intimacy.

I have been able to help falling couples to mend their broken relationships and homes. I am telling you this for you to know that, a falling relationship can stand again and again.

So let's get back to the seminar.

What exactly will I be revealing to you during the seminar? Here are some of the things I will be revealing to you that day:

The Real Reasons Behind Premature Ejaculation - Learn the truth about performance anxiety, and triggers that cause premature ejaculation.
A Step By Step way To Stop Your Premature Ejaculation Problems Forever - Once you try the simple techniques I will explain in an easy way to understand, you will overcome your PE problems with ease and they will never return.
The Role Of Hormones In Ejaculation - Discover how to control the two hormones that contribute to ejaculation.

That is just the beginning....
Discover The Way Arousal Works - Understanding how arousal works is a key factor in controlling the level of your arousal and how to slow it down to avoid premature ejaculation.
How To Control Arousal Just By Relaxation - If you could just 'relax' you wouldn't be so anxious, right?
How To Focus On HER Needs - Learning to focus on your partners needs takes the pressure off of you to 'finish.' Find the secrets here.

WAIT! There is still more...
Discover The Simple Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Love Muscle - Learn these easy to do exercises.

The Most Powerful Foods That Increases Your Performance. -Discover the easy to find foods that will increase your libido and cause you to last longer while having sex.
How To Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms - The simple but deadly technique that will make your partner has mind blowing orgasms before you do.
Sex Positions To Avoid - Learn which sex positions will always cause a man to ejaculate early so you will know how to avoid them.

And lots more that I cannot reveal here. I will be revealing everything to you that day when you come.


Super Exclusive Bonus 1: Sales On My Ebooks:

-Ebook On "Libido For Him/Erectile Dysfunction"

-Ebook On "How To Give Your Woman Wicked Multiple Orgasm"

-Ebook On "Premature Ejaculation"

-Ebook On "Sex Food & Stimulants"

-Ebook On "Quick Solutions For Lasting Longer Tonight"

-Ebook On "Quick Guide On Giving Her Multiple Orgasms And 21 Hot New Sex Positions"


Super Exclusive Bonus 2: Sales On All My Supplements:

 I will be able to advice you on the best and most suitable supplements for you incase you have any medical conditions. Remember there would not be any need for posting fee, you will get to take them away as you buy.

So how much should I charge for this seminar?

Or should I rather say how much do you think it's worth?

You will get to learn all about your sexual health from me during this seminar.

You will get to interact with me one on one.

We will not talk medical terminologies but steps to good sexual life. And of cause I will bring along all the bonuses so you can buy instantly.

Honestly, you will agree with me that this seminar should be priced at N100,000.00

I saw some poster and advert in some news papers claiming they can help you end premature ejaculation in five minutes. And of cause being shy to talk about it with your family doctor.

So should I price my seminar at N100,000.00

Well I will say NO even though it's worth more than that.

What about N80,000.00? Still too high for many people

So what about N50,000.00?That sounds good but I will still come down for  some reasons.

N30,000.00? Nope

N15,000.00? Nope 

You will pay NOTHING....Yes it's absolutely FREE.....WOW! I hear you say. "This is too good to be real" Yeah! Even I can not believe its real, maybe because it's my  "Anniversary Day" and of cause you might not be getting such offers from me again.


There are 2 ways for me to secure a seat for you in the seminar.

Option 1: Send me an email on ( your full name, age and phone number.

Option 2: An Email/SMS will be sent to you with the Seminar Venue and a code, in which you will have to show at the venue of the seminar.


It is my sincere desire to help you build a stronger relationship and end this PE issue.


Be in light.

Wunmi Omololu

Sex Educator

See you there.

Saturday,19th October