1. Myth: A man must have an erection to enjoy sexual play.

Fact: An erection isn’t required for foreplay and the process of arousing the woman and turning her on can be very pleasurable in itself. if the mind is not preoccupied with performance demand. Most women like foreplay even without intercourse, In fact some women prefer foreplay to intercourse and generally enjoy it more when it’s not experienced as a strategy to get somewhere else as quickly as possible.

2. Myth: Men must ejaculate to experience sexual pleasure.

Fact: This is a very common belief for women, who may focus on trying to get men to that point. But ask any man who has learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation and he will tell you there are many benefits to non-ejaculatory orgasm.

3. Myth: Intercourse alone can bring a woman to orgasm.

Fact : Most women never orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone, they need direct clitoral stimulation. If couples want to climax simultaneously during intercourse, the best bet is for one of them to use their fingers or a vibrator to bring some joy to the clitoris.



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