Solo Techniques On How To Build Sexual Stamina

Couple of months back I taught my subscribers a handful of solid, tried and tested techniques that helped them to build a strong sexual stamina, which really helped most of them and today I thought to share it here.

Follow me gently on these.

It is a solo training technique, which means that you’ll use it
by yourself to train your body and mind and thereby boost your
ability to control your sexual stimulation levels.

This will effectively extend your sexual performance in the
bedroom, each and every time. Here’s what you need to do.

Whether you masturbate on a regular basis or not, this technique involves a little hands on action. If you’re adverse to the idea of doing this, then, well, you’re missing out on a really effective sexual stamina building technique. Hopefully you’re down with the idea, though.

Start by getting hard. You can do this with some visual
stimulation, like porn, or without any ‘turn on’ aids. Once
you’re ‘maxed out’ and have been jerking it slowly for a couple
of minutes, you need to apply some lube.

Use a water based lube, like KY Jelly or Astroglide, or whatever your favorite brand is. Apply it liberally, especially to the top of your penis, around the head.

Now you’re going to use a special little technique that involves the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand. Take these fingers and wrap them around
the head of your penis.

Now you should pinch it by applying pressure using all three of
these digits. Make sure there’s plenty of lube under them.

Now jerk the head by using a rhythmic motion that only moves over the top inch or so of your shaft, which is essentially the head and just below the head.

The reason you’re using this technique is because the head of
your penis is its most sensitive area. It’s the part of your
penis that is being over-stimulated when you have sex, which is
what makes you come too soon.

As you use the rhythmic motion, squeeze quite tight. Experiment
with how much pressure it takes to suddenly boost the intensity
of stimulation you’re feeling. Keep going. You’ll find that your stimulation levels will continue to grow and grow.

Keep applying more lube as you need it. Now you’re going to
‘edge’. This means getting to an 8 or 9 on the stimulation scale, then slowing down until you’re just below a 7, then stepping it up again, up to a 8 or 9, then repeating the process.

You keep doing this until you can feel – and you really will feel it – the sensations building in the head of your penis and just below its base, under and around your pubic mound. Continue to edge for at least three minutes.

Now you are free to come, but what’s often better is to not come. Instead, clean up by wiping and having a wash, get clothed up and go about the rest of your day. Sounds a little strange, right?
But it makes a lot of sense.

You’re ‘teaching’ your penis that it’s possible to become
extremely stimulated without reaching ejaculation soon after.
This is what you need to happen in the bedroom.

Use this solo training technique once a day for three days. Then take a day off. Then do it once more, except this time edge not for 3 minutes, but for 10 minutes. Now you’re really getting somewhere – your sexual stamina is increasing nicely.

In the next post you’ll be taught another great solo
training technique!



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