Too Big to Rise With the Sun.How Weight Hinders Morning Erections

I’ve almost hit forty, and I’ve noticed something new: I no longer get erections in the morning. I don’t know if this is really a problem, or if it’s normal with age, or if my size has something to do with it (I’m more than a little overweight). I don’t have a lot of sex at the best of times, and I haven’t noticed anything besides that I no longer wake up with wood. Any thoughts?

You mention that you’ve got some weight problems. Especially at your age, excess fat can cause a real problem for your sexual functioning as a male. Unfortunately, while extra weight isn’t good for anyone, it impacts male sexuality much more than female. This is because of the interesting way in which our bodies view adipose tissue.

Fatty Follies
Adipose tissue, the scientific term for fatty tissue, is able to generate estrogen from circulating steroids in the body. These aren’t the negative steroids we hear so much of from the sporting world, but your body’s day-to-day steroids, used for creating many other hormones and neurochemicals. However, in a male body, steroids are almost never converted into estrogen. Unlike the female body, which requires some small levels of testosterone for proper sexual function, male bodies were never designed to tolerate estrogens in any quantity.

The more fatty tissue you have, the more estrogen your body is going to produce. And this spells bad news for your sexuality. Estrogen edges testosterone out of the body, and starts creating smaller testes, less firm erections, decreased muscle tone, and a lack of sex drive. Over time, the combination of reduced testes and the presence of estrogen make testosterone levels in the male body very low indeed. Try Loose Some Weight.



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